Sunday, 21 March 2010

Continuing the conversation

Following TEDxEuston members of our emerging "community" suggested that we meet up again soon to re-live and continue some of the conversation of TEDxEuston over drinks yesterday we did precisely that!

In the "Red Room" of the Cicada restaurant in London about 40 of us met for drinks, canap├ęs and a couple of TED talks to go.

We watched two short films showing William Kamkwamba...amazing stuff. If you have not - go to and watch his talk - you will see the world differently...promise. If you want to read his entire story - buy his book "The boy who harnessed the wind"

Watch out for the date of the next TEDxEuston to be announced soon. The buzz has already begun!

A few other updates...
  • Read Funmi Iyanda's post on her experiences at TEDxEuston on her blog.
  • Read Chika Unigwe's fascinating essay on "How to be African" here. 
  • Watch Nuhu Ribadu on CNN here 
  • Watch the talks from TEDxEuston  here.

View all the other pictures  HERE.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

TEDxEuston - Pictures and Video now online

The talks from TEDxEuston are online!
Every time you listen to them they seem more profound. The first batch of 6 are now on our website here:
Watch again, rate the talks, make comments on them, send them round to your contacts. People often use the term "talk shop" in a derogatory manner. But think of all the people we regard as heroes. From Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama. What did they all have in common? They had an extraordinary capacity - not just to do the great things they did in their lives, but also to inspire a whole generation of others to believe in their vision of the world as it should be. 
So listen again to Funmi Iyanda's stories of hope from the most deprived areas you can imagine. Listen to Nasir El Rufai share his vision of the role of cities in development and how his vision transformed a Abuja, listen to Bola Olabisi share with you her relentless drive to put a face on the millions of women that invent stuff we use day-to-day. Listen to Onyekachi Wambu challenging conventional wisdom of our attitude to leadership and Lawrence Mbugua on how private investments are driving growth on the continent. Cap it all up with the smooth tunes from Aletia Upstairs. All for you @
All the pictures are still available here.