Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Last few Early Bird tickets for TEDxEuston

Get one of the last few Early Bird tickets for TEDxEuston 2011!

With another great lineup of speakers, TEDxEuston aims to reflect ideas and inspired thinking of a new generation of African thinkers and leaders, positive about their continent and confident in their ability to shape its future. Our speakers are all committed to engaging in an active and meaningful manner with the African continent and are carefully selected to reflect the diversity of thinking and action on the continent from the arts, business and public sector.s. As in our previous 2 events, we can promise another incredible day, full of amazing ideas about Africa.....you will not want to miss this. 

But, in addition to the speakers, TEDxEuston is also about you. You are the reason we bother, the only reason! The energy in the room at each of the previous two events, has been testimony to the amazing potential awaiting to be unleashed on the continent. We promise that you will be inspired not only by the speakers but the person seating on your left and your right, in front and behind....and yes....you can take that to the bank! 

You will think....

You will applaud....

...and sometimes you will let it all out!

Grab one of the few Early Bird tickets left

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