Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Beautiful TEDxEuston Pictures

Many of you have asked about access to the beautiful pictures from TEDxEuston 2013!

They were beautifully put together by Femi, Don and Osita. As with everything else at TEDxEuston - done with love, and for their love for the continent and how we want to see it!

You can contact Osita through his website and Don here. You can view all the pictures HERE and feel free to use and share but please do give credit to "Team Photography @TEDxEuston".  Enjoy a small selection below!

You can view all the pictures HERE

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ayo-Dele's powerful voice and story at TEDxEuston 2013

Ayo-Dele released her debut album ’Forever Becoming’ in Oct 2012 which combines her British and Nigerian influences expressed through songs and stories. She is a London based singer/actress, who from an early age has been surrounded by various genres of music. As the fourth child born to Nigerian parents in London, Ayo-Dele experienced countless blessings that have molded her into who she is today. Her name means ‘Joy has come home’ in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria, Western Africa. Merging her British musical repertoire with the African heritage has grown into her main passion creating some of the most beautiful music you will come across.

Watch her HERE.

Monday, 17 March 2014

TEDxEuston recommends 3 interesting conferences!

The LSE Africa Summit team is pleased to announce its inaugural Business and Research Conferences on: African Entrepreneurship.
Research Conference: Fri 4th April 2014
Business Conference: Sat 5th April  2014
Speakers include: H.E. President Mahama of Ghana, Obiageli Ezekwesili (Transparency International), Saran Kaba Jones (FACE Africa), Jim Ovia (Zenith Bank), Max Bankole Jarrett (Africa Progress Panel) and more.
Venue: The LSE New Academic Building
Tickets: Free

The annual Igbo conference is organised by the Centre of African Studies,
SOAS, University of London
The conference which will hold at SOAS aims to create a space for anyone interested in Igbo culture to come and contribute to the discussions. The conference is held over two days and is a mixture of presentations by speakers, workshops, cultural performances and film screenings.
This year's conference holds on the 2nd and 3rd of May, 2014. The theme of this year's conference is Igbo heritage, and there is a wide range of eclectic speakers presenting on a wide range of topics.  Information about the conference can be found at
Register HERE

And something new and special - the Hair-ology Conference 2014. It promises to be the  ultimate Afro-Caribbean hair-care conference!
Get your tickets HERE

Friday, 14 March 2014

Reshaping an Industry - Jackie Nwobu at TEDxEuston 2013

She has  a B.S. degree in Medical Technology and worked for major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, including Johnson and Johnson. She had never seen a bridal magazine for black women and so she decided (together with her husband) to start one. With no prior experience within the publishing industry, they launched Munaluchi Bride Magazine in 2010 and obtained national distribution within major retailers in the United States, including Target and Barnes and Noble. The rapid success of her magazine has landed her interviews on NBC, ABC, and WPIX NY

Her TEDxEuston 2013 talk is both inspiring and a powerful testament to the ripple effect of pursuing our dreams. A strong believer in the power of images, she says; "we should think about the images that we are showing our children. Images are very powerful." 

Jackies's vision and determination to fill this void is what gave her the strength and willpower to break into and positively impact an industry she knew very little about. Watch her talk HERE and share with anyone wondering if they should follow their dream.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"The Crazy Ones" - Emeka Okafor at TEDxEuston 2013

He is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He was the director for TED Global 2007 that took place in Arusha,Tanzania. He is a blogger and runs the blogs: Timbuktu Chronicles; and Africa Unchained. Timbuktu Chronicles compiles  some of the most interesting and exciting models of entrepreneurship happening in Sub-Saharan Africa and Africa Unchained which  allows him  to "think out loud" about paradigms of development, innovation and politics

In his TEDxEuston 2013 talk, Emeka Okafor speaks of the people with the power to make a change. It is us. "It's already started. It started in rooms like this. It started in Arusha." Listen to him and be inspired to contribute to that change you want to see. It is the ripple effect.

Watch his talk HERE.

Friday, 7 March 2014

"No ordinary fashion designer" - NKWO Onwuka at TEDxEuston 2013

As a child, she had an obsession with dolls and would make clothes for them. As an adult she ditched her degree in pyschology for a future in fashion, armed with an eye for beauty and a sewing skill learned from her mother. In 2007, she debuted her “Afro-Bohemian Chic” collection at the Kulture2Couture and won the Mayor of London’s award.

She believes in showcasing Africa via fashion and this is evident in her works.

At TEDxEuston 2013,  Nkwo Onwuka shares her experiences working with traditional artisans in Benin city and talks of the need to bring the old into the contemporary  so they they enrich each other. The ripple effect of a mutually beneficial relationship between old and new!

"We as designers need to innovate with the skilled artisans in Africa to commercialize their work for the 21st century"-NO

Watch her powerful talk HERE, and share.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"The ripple effect of training young leaders" - Fred Swaniker at TEDxEuston 2013

He has an MBA from Stanford Business School, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class.  He began his professional career as a consultant with Mckinsey and Company. Concerned about the dearth of good leadership on the African continent, he co-founded African Leadership Academy and the African Leadership Network to “grow” Africa’s future leaders.

In recognition of his work he was selected as one of 115 young leaders to meet US President Obama at the first-ever President’s Forum for Young African Leaders held at the White House in 2010. He was a World Economic Forum’s  Young Global Leader and was listed by Forbes Magazine among the top ten young ‘power men’ in Africa in 2011. He was a 2009 TED Fellow and is a Fellow of the Aspen Institute's Global Leadership Network.

Fred Swaniker’s TEDxEuston 2013 talk  inspires with stories of heroes from refugee camps to elite colleges and reminds us that what Africa needs for transformation is good leaders."Weak institutions create dangerously powerful leaders" Be inspired to be be part of the solution.

Watch his powerful talk HERE - and share!