Saturday, 17 March 2012

A catwalk with a mission at TEDxEuston

At TEDxEuston 2011 we tried to do something different and unexpected. When Jose Hendo’s models started walking down the aisle there were looks of excitement and glee at the perfectly adorned ladies and gents but also a little uncertainty to how this would fit into a TEDx programme. Their questions were soon to be answered when Jose told the audience how everything they had seen on the models was made out of tree bark. Her Resonance Collection of environmentally conscious custom couture constructed entirely of organic materials. Her collection is designed with barkcloth made from the ficus natalensis tree. Historically the fabric of ancient Ugandan kings, barkcloth remains a valued wedding gift to brides and in-laws.

Award-winning designer José Hendo debut at London Fashion Week 2011. Her Resonance Collection is designed with barkcloth, a UNESCO-recognised process dating back to the 15th century. Historically the fabric of ancient Ugandan kings, it remains a valued wedding gift to brides and in-laws. Hendo's adheres to the mantra of the three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 'Resonance' collection explores a new way of dressing and thinking about clothes. Without metal snap, plastic fastener or buttons the garments are completely biodegradable. Sculpted with architectural precision Hendo's wearable art may be worn in many ways and change with each wearing - and with each wearer - by ingenious pulley system hidden or aesthetically incorporated into the designs. Hendo was shortlisted for BEFFTA's Female Designer Of The Year Award. Her collections have been shown at London Fashion Week amongst many more. She was honoured to have presented her work to the Queen of Buganda Kingdom of Ugunda, her home country.

Watch the amazing performance here.

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