Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TEDxEuston - Hadeel Ibrahim - People powered leadership

When a young Tunision boy set himself on fire, frustrated with life and his future in Tunisia, no one could quite imagine the chain of events that would follow. Hadeel Ibrahim eloquently describes how that one action sent shock waves across the African continent. Can civil society be put back into a box in Africa after these events? Can emerging business elite turn the continent around? Will social media and mobile phones really have the impact we imagine. Hadeel carefully makes the arguments and leaves us deep in thought and inspired on the potential to change our experience of our continent - and not just during the election year.  From exit strategies to game changers – this talk will leave you deep in thought about the things that matter most!

Watch her fascinating talk HERE

Hadeel Ibrahim is founding executive director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which was established in 2006 to support good governance and great leadership in Africa. She is also on the board of Refugees International and UNESCO's LEAP programme, which fosters local effort and preservation of cultural heritage. Prior to this, she spent time with the Africa section of Actis private equity investors, and with the private equity fund management group EMP Africa. Hadeel graduated from Bristol university with a degree in Politics and Philosophy.

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