Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Two special women at TEDxEustonSalon 2014 - Last 3 tickets!

At TEDxEustonSalon 2014, we will engage with the remarkable ideas and stories of two special women, redefining education in their own unique ways.

Naana Otoo-Oyortey has never chosen the easy option. As a social activist and women’s rights defender, Naana is passionate about giving women the tools to become change agents on the issues that matter to them. Some of these issues are tough issues in our context; from child marriage to Female genital mutilation, yet Naana does not shy away from them, but brings an articulated and nuanced understanding to the discourse and will challenge the way many of us view our world.

Precious Simba started her career as many of us have, in a fairly comfortable job as a senior manager in the Zimbabwean town of Bulawayo, but decided to leave her retail career in 2011 to pursue her passion for inspiring young girls from under-privileged backgrounds. She established the Girls Development Initiative, an organisation that empowers girls with education opportunities and life skills. Through this programme she has brought a whole new perspective to life and its opportunities to so many young women, changing her world - one girl at a time.

These will be special talks from two special women at TEDxEustonSalon 2014.

Lets see who will get the last 3 available tickets to TEDxEustonSalon 2014

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