Saturday, 26 July 2014

TEDxEuston - December 6 2014 - Tickets now available

“We face neither East nor West; we face Forward”

These are the famous words of one of the fathers of modern Africa; Kwame Nkrumah, in a speech he made in 1960. Those we glorious yet turbulent times for our continent as he and his contemporaries tried to define an "African" agenda. Today, we face a struggle of almost similar scale as Africa tries to manage its growth to empower people equitably across its many countries. Although our political leaders are still the names seen on the front pages of newspapers, Africa's emerging renaissance is driven mostly by often unrecognised heroes challenging conventional wisdom on how they are seen and how they see the world. They are looking neither to the West, nor to the East,...they are looking FORWARD.

The theme for TEDxEuston 2014 is simply; we are "Facing Forward"

Over the next weeks, we will introduce our amazing set of speakers. The tickets will go fast, get yours today on our brand new website and prepare to be part of another inspiring event.

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