Monday, 23 February 2015

To build a country | Patrick Ndimubanzi | TEDxEustonChange

PATRICK NDIMUBANZI was recently sworn in as Minister of State in the Ministry of Health in charge of Public Health and Primary Health Care in Rwanda. Ndimubanzi’s beautifully woven TEDxEuston 2014 talk shed a bright light on the immense progress Rwanda’s Health Ministry has made since 1994.  The statistics are impressive with 90% of Rwandans covered by health insurance. Ndibumanzi’s showed that the determination of the Rwandan government to put people first is a real testament to the present government’s desire to move on the narrative from 1994.

But his talk was not really about data - but about the relativity of different narratives - which he summed up in this memorable quote: ‘beyond the numbers, beyond the statistics, we are improving people's lives.

Thanks to TEDxChange, we were able to put this story of hope and progress on the TEDxEuston stage.

Watch his talk here and share this with everyone working in the health space in Africa.

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