Sunday, 17 May 2015

Introducing TEDxEuston Salon 2015 Speaker | Eunice Baguma Ball

Africa's population of one billion plus is adopting technology at an unprecedented rate. Thus, harnessing energy becomes the crux of the matter, propelling us to think broader and quickly. One of the greatest gifts the continent has is an abundance of natural resources and more importantly, the ability to harness our own skill-sets to solve our own problems.

Our second Salon speaker, Eunice Baguma Ball understands this well and makes this her business. Eunice is an entrepreneur & technology business consultant who has worked in the technology sector in Africa for over 7 years. Currently based in the UK and as the founder/organiser of the Africa Technology Business Networkshe advises tech startups that are looking to expand into Africa or developing solutions targeting the African market. 

The ATBN gathers a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and technologists who are interested, in not only in tapping into the opportunities in Africa, but also creating social and economic impact.  Through organised events in London, the ATBN initiative provides insights into the Africa technology industry and connects UK-based entrepreneurs & investors to opportunities in the sector.  Moreover, they support the budding local tech communities across Africa by providing a plug into the UK tech ecosystem and a platform to showcase African centred innovations to a global audience.

We invite you to hear Eunice’s talk at the next TEDxEuston Summer Salon on Saturday 13th June. Her enthusiasm is infectious and will motivate you to reflect on Africa’s budding tech scene, potential to develop exponentially and make a real impact on Africa’s ability to face forward and harness their energy.

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