Monday, 10 January 2011

TEDxEuston - Remi Okunlola - "care more, do more"

Listen to Remi Okunlola at TEDxEuston on how he took a leap of faith back home to participate in the "Nigeria project" but now he wants to care more and to do even more...find out how..then spread the word.

Remi takes us through how his journey from the legal profession, through entrepreneurial success to probably his biggest challenge yet bringing us to engage with passion on the issues that confront us in our society today. He implores us not to look away, but to stand firm and do the right thing. But it is not just what Remi says but how he says it that leaves such an impression. We laugh about his being shot at by robbers in Nigeria and cry about the boy in his hands.....that boy...! I can't get him out of my head. Be prepared to listen to an incredible story of love, courage, and believe in the future of the continent.

Remi Okunlola is co-founder and executive director of Africa's first indigenous offshore drilling company, SeaWolf Oilfields. Prior to his joining in establishing this first of its kind enterprise, Remi had established an international reputation as a respected Nigeria focused energy and natural resource lawyer - in his capacity as partner of Perchstone & Graeys, a Lagos based firm of Solicitors. Remi holds an MBA from the University of Dundee and an LLB from the University of East London. He is an English Barrister, a New York Attorney and a Nigerian Legal Practitioner. In his 16 years or so since returning to live in Nigeria, Remi has participated, initially as lawyer, and now on the business side, in delivering some of Nigeria's most internationally regarded transactions - including the first of its kind and award winning Nigeria LNG financing transaction, the Brass LNG project, and now Africa's first offshore drilling contractor.

He brought TEDxEuston to life!

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