Saturday, 8 January 2011

TEDxEuston - Winnie Ssanyu-Sseruma - "Why It means so much for me to be alive"

"It means so much for me to be much to be alive"....Who cannot possibly forget Winnie's talk at TEDxEuston 2010.

In this beautiful story of life and hope, find out why Winnie has not shut up since she experienced her "lazarus effect". Her talk challenges our societies, that are still living in denial and avoid discussing the difficult issues that confront us. She challenges us through her own incredible story to wake up and smell the coffee, talk with our families, yes our own friends and families to celebrate those that are lucky to be still living with HIV and advocate for treatmet, prevention and possible...a cure!

Winnie currently works as African services manager for Positive East and was one of the first people from the African community in the UK to have the courage go public with her HIV status. After discovering she was HIV positive, Winnie now spends her time volunteering; writing, researching and speaking about issues affecting HIV positive Africans. Winnie is chair of the African HIV Policy Network (AHPN) and trustee of National Aids Trust (NAT).

Listen to this beautiful talk and think weather you are doing enough to break the stigma in our communities and really confront this disease as a simple disease like all others.

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