Thursday, 24 October 2013

And now introducing Ayo-Dele and Nt’abiseng!

In addition to our speakers, this year we are bringing you two fascinating artists to smoothen out the intellectual stimulation! They will add colour and vibrancy to the event - linking the insights with melodies that will pull it altogether.

They are smart, beautiful and have voices that will stay with you; they are Ayo-Dele and Nt’abiseng

Ayo-Dele released her debut album ’Forever Becoming’ in Oct 2012 which combines her British and Nigerian influences expressed through songs and stories. She is a London based singer/actress, who from an early age has been surrounded by various genres of music. As the fourth child born to Nigerian parents in London, Ayo-Dele experienced countless blessings that have molded her into who she is today. Her name means ‘Joy has come home’ in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria, Western Africa. Merging her British musical repertoire with the African heritage has grown into her main passion creating some of the most beautiful music you will come across.

Nt’abiseng located the song-bird in her soul during her childhood and began to explore her flair for music while in high school and during her time at medical school; yes she is a doctor too! It was by sheer coincidence that she first got introduced to the premier names in the South African music industry, who after listening to her nudged her on a journey that has now culminated in the recording of her debut album; "Print of my Heart". Nt’abiseng is a refreshing reminder that in-born gifts have a destiny to blossom and be shared with others. She is taking a few days off her patients in Johannesburg to join us at TEDxEuston!

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