Friday, 17 January 2014

"Against all odds" - Herman Mashaba at TEDxEuston 2013

South Africa was on every one’s mind at TEDxEuston 2013, as Nelson Mandela sadly passed away the day before. We were really privileged to have on our stage a man, whose story is so intertwined with the story of his county.

He rose from very humble beginnings in apartheid South Africa to become one of his country’s most successful entrepreneurs. Forced to drop out of university, he fought to set up the first black-owned haircare company in the country. Now, he is taking on even bigger issues. Known as a capitalist with a mission, Herman Mashaba says, "The balance of my life is dedicated to promoting capitalism as a system in Africa, and fighting racism." 

Listen to him at the TEDxEuston 2013 as he gives an honest account of the early influences on his life. He goes on to inspire us with sharp insights into how he succeeded as a business man under those difficult circumstances regime and reminds us that:

"History, we cannot reverse but the future…we can create." 

Listen to his absolutely inspiring talk....HERE, and as always - share widely with your networks.

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