Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"Our struggle is not over" - Vuyiseka Dubula at TEDxEuston

She has been actively involved with TAC (Treatment Action Campaign) since 2001. As a young woman she joined TAC after learning that she was HIV positive. In 2002 she started to work as a TAC treatment literacy coordinator in the Western Cape, South Africa.  She represents people living with HIV on the South African National AIDS Council and also serves as the Chairperson on the board of directors in the AIDS Law Project. Vuyiseka Dubula's TEDxEuston 2013 talk is a a powerful reminder of the courage it takes to change paradigms when it appears that all the odds are stacked against you. Fighting big companies when you are poor and black was deemed impossible by many people. Fighting the government appeared even more daunting. Vuyiseka did it and lives to tell the tale. Today, there are over 2.4 million people on life-saving antiretrovirals in South Africa, but she tells us that her struggle, and more importantly our struggle is not over just yet. Be inspired to delete "impossible" from your vocabulary!!

"When there is an injustice, it is always your business...It cannot be impossible until you have tried it." VD 

Watch her talk HERE and share it with anyone you care about. It may change their life!

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