Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ayanda De First is back at TEDxEuston 2012

Ayanda De First.....what a guy!  He is back....at TEDxEuston 2012!

The original member of the Master Drummers of Africa and the founder of the Oduduwa Talking Drummers Orchestra Ayan DeFirst was born to a family of drummers and started his career as an apprentice by performing with his dad and uncles at the early stage of five. His dad kept changing the size of his drums as he grows until the age of 18 years old when he could choose his drum by himself. Ayan DeFirst initial ambition was to become a medical doctor or a pharmacist but this was disturbed by the talent he has on drumming. Ayan DeFirst now has his own group called Oduduwa Talking Drummers and has  worked with over 500 community and private schools within the UK delivering educational workshops on African Arts and music. Visit www.ayanthefirst.com for more information.

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