Saturday, 24 November 2012

Students Tickets sell out at TEDxEuston 2012

Our ticket prices at TEDxEuston are the barest minimum we need to charge, combined with what we are able to raise from sponsorship in order to bring you the event. As you know - it is organised on a completely not-for-profit basis. This year, having moved to a beautiful new venue - The Mermaid, and all but one of our speakers coming from outside Europe, we struggled to offer students a further discount - a decision that would hurt - as we know that a lot of our attendees come from the vibrant community of African students in various UK universities.

Last year, a couple from Germany, Sevket and Christiana attended TEDxEuston. It was their first time at our event. However, Sevket had previously attended the main TED conference a few times and was in Tanzania at the seminal TED Global conference that inspired TEDxEuston. After attending our event, he declared that he would not bother attending any other conferences in the next year, as he had found all the inspiration he needed!

When we opened up registration this year, he asked why we did not have any students tickets, and we explained our dilemma. By the time we had concluded our conversation, he had offered to help enable us to offer 50 tickets at a discounted rate to students! This is 10% of all available TEDxEuston tickets. This was only possible thanks to Sevket's intervention.

We have not warned him that we are sharing this story, as we know that his immediate reaction would be to object. We share it not to win him any brownie points, as he sure does not need any, but to show, with one example how the TEDxEuston community makes this event so special.

This sort of experience is what keeps us going. As we move into the last week of preparations, the TEDxEuston team thanks our community for engaging in all sorts of special ways. You are the reason we do this...the only reason!

1 week to go! 

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